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 Email Marketing

What is on OFFER

Reaching clients is the prime target of any business after it has goods or services to offer to. Internet marketing has been a very effective tool and has been widely used or rather its use has become compelling for businesses that are established or those that need to. E-Mail Marketing Solutions are one amongst the array of such services that shall help you spread your businesses into the lawns of your clients in a very cost-effective manner.

How can we HELP

We, at TGS WebSoft, with our experience in the field of internet marketing, advertising and promotions, understand you and your customers' business requirements. Our email marketing services include building and managing email lists, creating business newsletters, templates for auto-responders and email tracking, tailor-made to suit your purposes.

What are the BENEFITS

  • Communicate directly with your present and future customers
  • Encourage customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Promote your packages and limited offers
  • Keep your customers updated of your activities

What do we PROMISE

Our experience with clients and their needs have made us strongly believe in service delivery that is effective, efficient and timely not based on mere rhetoric but performance oriented. Before offering you our advice and services, we study your business and your customers’ needs. We ensure that you are with your customers at all times. With our E-mail solutions, consider your messages delivered!

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