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 ERP Solutions

What is an ERP System?

Simplistic Definition
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
 -Enterprise means organisation wide
 -Resource refers to all the resources at your disposal – customers
 -Planning means looking at the long term view rather than just current

Detailed Explanation
“Business solution that addresses all the needs of an enterprise with the process view of an organization to meet the organizational goals and integrate all the functions of the Enterprise.”

Various characteristics of an ERP

Life cycle is different:
  • Mapping organizational requirements to the processes and terminology employed by the vendor and
  • Making informed choices about the parameter setting.
 -Organizations that purchase enterprise systems enter into long-term relationships with vendors.
 -Only the software is integrated, not the computing platform on which it runs
 -Interfaces to legacy systems
 -Third-party bolt-on/plug-in applications
 -Best of Breed Strategy

What is that ERP enables

  • Systematic Look into your Systems, Processes & Procedures
  • Optimizing the processes
  • Enables you to adapt yourself to new technologies
  • Discipline across the functions
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